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2018 Playoffs

 (NOTE: Italicized names are officials from other CFOA areas in a mixed-area crew).

Week 5
5A 01-Dec-18 Valor Christian Cherry Creek Mile High Stadium 2:30 pm
CHAMP Mark VanGampleare Jeff VanHook Jim Zehner Hank Cary Jeff Penney
4A 01-Dec-18 Skyline Loveland Mile High Stadium 11:00 am
CHAMP Scott Schuttenberg Dan Cronin Patrick Mulstay Keith Clements Bill Beasley
3A 01-Dec-18 Palmer Ridge Pueblo East CSU-Pueblo, Eddie DeRose Thunderbowl 1:00 pm
CHAMP Mike Kelley Kirk Russell Brad Dunlap Duane Nava Tony Rago
Week 4
5A 23-Nov-18 Columbine Cherry Creek Jeffco Stadium 7:00 pm
Saturday (SEMI) Tim Fitzgerald Paul Holland Dan Bixby Aaron Punke Ryan Stevens
4A 24-Nov-18 Ponderosa Skyline EchoPark Stadium 1:00 pm
Saturday (SEMI) Pat Klein Jerry Haines Brad Sharp Shawn Loos Bryan Bayham
2A 24-Nov-18 La Junta Platte Valley Eddie DeRose Thunderbowl (CSU-Pueblo) 1:00 pm
CHAMP David Trimble Rusty McRight Ken Goss Jeremy Finn Brian Schneider
A6 24-Nov-18 Stratton-Liberty Kit Carson Stratton 1:00 pm
CHAMP Craig Brooks Joe Shafer Cayle Hines Dave Santistevan Frank LaMantia
Week 3
5A 16-Nov-18 Columbine Pomona Jeffco 7:00 PM
Friday Joel Pogar Sal Marini Doug Low Kevin Brady Tony Giardina
5A 16-Nov-18 Valor ThunderRidge Valor 7:00 PM
Friday Mark Usery Scott Saucke Larry Richards Filbert Macias Chuck Hickey
5A 17-Nov-18 Eaglecrest Grandview Legacy Stadium 1:00 PM
Saturday Scott Schuttenberg Dan Cronin Patrick Mulstay Keith Clements Shaun McGuire
4A 17-Nov-18 Loveland Fruita Monument Ray Patterson Field 1:00 PM
Saturday Dan Gilman Garth Jax Cary Fry Ben Dwinell Michael Marcus
3A 17-Nov-18 Palmer Ridge Harrison Don Breese Stadium 1:00 PM
Saturday Sheldon McGuire Don Reh Kyle Lester David McKeever Stan Turpin
1A 17-Nov-18 Limon Colo. Spr. Christian Limon 1:00 PM
Saturday (SEMI) Jim Altman Kevin Olson Larry Lempka Jim Smithwick Mike Bush
A8 17-Nov-18 Merino Julesburg Merino 1:00 PM
Saturday (SEMI) Damian Savolt Jesse Crockett Robert Chainhalt Bob Luxner Bob Blodgett
A8 17-Nov-18 Pikes Peak Christian Hoehne Pikes Peak Christian 1:00 PM
Saturday (SEMI) Jim Sprague Chip Beckstrom Chad Weigelt John Juranek Debra Schamber
Week 2
5A 08-Nov-18 Ralston Valley Cherokee Trail NAAC 7:00 PM
Thursday Scott Lewis Jesse Crockett Brian Catalfamo Patrick Mulstay Wes Whiteley
5A 09-Nov-18 Valor Regis Valor 7:00 PM
Friday Mike Kelley Kirk Russell Brad Dunlap Duane Nava Tony Rago
5A 09-Nov-18 Eaglecrest Lakewood Legacy Stadium 7:00 PM
Friday Joel Pogar JJ McLallen Chris Miller Cary Fry David Coffman
5A 10-Nov-18 Pomona Arvada West NAAC 12:00 PM
Saturday Curt Brouwer Don Reh Chad Weigelt Keith Clements Mike Bush
5A 10-Nov-18 Grandview Legacy Legacy Stadium 1:00 PM
Saturday Karl Kramer Toby Stearns Lee Doerr Kevin Brady Tony Giardina
4A 09-Nov-18 Pine Creek Heritage District 20 Stadium 7:00 PM
Friday Mark VanGampleare Jeff Vanhook Jim Zehner Hank Cary Jeff Penney
4A 09-Nov-18 Loveland Rampart Ray Patterson Field 7:00 PM
Friday Rick Rouse Chip Beckstrom Dave Harris Larry Richards Mike Whetstone
4A 10-Nov-18 Broomfield Chatfield Broomfield 1:00 PM
Saturday David Trimble Rusty McRight Ken Goss Jeremy Finn Brian Schneider
3A 09-Nov-18 Harrison Holy Family Memorial Stadium 7:00 PM
Friday Jim Altman Garth Jax Doug Gortelueschen Gordiro Flores Joe Miller
3A 09-Nov-18 Green Mountain Thomas Jefferson Trailblazer Stadium 7:00 PM
Friday Tim Fitzgerald Paul Holland Dan Bixby Aaron Punke Ryan Stevens
3A 09-Nov-18 Pueblo East Lewis-Palmer Dutch Clark Stadium 7:00 PM
Friday Bob Hercher Sergio Covarrubias David Callahan Kyle Lester Frank LaMantia
3A 10-Nov-18 Palmer Ridge Pueblo South Don Breese Stadium 1:00 PM
Saturday Dan Gilman Kevin Ritter Chris Stearns Bob Luxner Debra Schamber
3A 10-Nov-18 Erie Durango Erie 1:00 PM
Saturday Pat Klein Jerry Haines Brad Sharp Shawn Loos Bryan Bayham
3A 10-Nov-18 Discovery Canyon Frederick District 20 Stadium 1:00 PM
Saturday John Conklin Matt DeJong Jared Waterman Ben Dwinell David Coffman
2A 10-Nov-18 Resurrection Christian Rifle Windsor HS Stadium 1:00 PM
Saturday Ken Beltran Steve Burns John Juranek Bob Chainhalt Michael Marcus
1A 10-Nov-18 Peyton Centauri Peyton 1:00 PM
Saturday Pat Dowling Sal Marini Filbert Macias Frank Cuna Jared Brooks
A8 09-Nov-18 Pikes Peak Christian West Grand Pikes Peak Christian 7:00 PM
Friday Kevin Palmer Shannon Hartmann Larry Lempka Jim Smithwick Bob Blodgett
Week 1
5A 02-Nov-18 Fairview Denver East Recht Field 7:00 PM
Friday Rick Rouse Matt DeJong Larry Richards Ashleigh Miller Chuck Hickey
5A 02-Nov-18 Mullen Legacy Mullen 7:00 PM
Friday John Conklin Chris Stearns Kyle Lester Larry Lempka David Coffman
5A 02-Nov-18 Arvada West Legend NAAC 7:00 PM
Friday Ben Dwinell Sal Marini Frank Cuna Kevin Brady Frank LaMantia
5A 03-Nov-18 Arapahoe Lakewood LPSS 1:00 PM
Saturday Dan Gilman Brian Catalfamo Filbert Macias John Juranek Debra Schamber
2A 03-Nov-18 Resurrection Christian Alamosa Windsor HS 1:00 PM
Saturday Jim Altman Shannon Hartmann Cary Fry Bob Luxner Tony Giardina
2A 03-Nov-18 Kent Denver Faith Christian Kent Denver 2:00 PM
Saturday Scott Lewis Scott Saucke Jeremy Finn Aaron Punke Bob Blodgett
2A 03-Nov-18 Platte Valley Delta Platte Valley 2:00 PM
Saturday David Trimble Jesse Crockett Brad Dunlap Alan Bryant Jared Brooks
1A 03-Nov-18 Burlington Paonia Burlington 1:00 PM
Saturday Mike Letofsky Don Reh Dave Callahan Bobby Chainhalt Wes Whiteley
A8 03-Nov-18 Pikes Peak Christian Vail Christian Pikes Peak Christian 1:00 PM
Saturday Christopher Hopkins Sergio Covarrubias Lee Doerr Dave Harris Michael Marcus
A6 03-Nov-18 Otis Cotopaxi Otis 1:00 PM
Saturday Curt Brouwer Steve Burns Jim Smithwick Dan Bixby Ryan Stevens
A6 03-Nov-18 Peetz Flagler/Hi-Plains Peetz 1:30 PM
Saturday Gary Weibert Kevin Ritter Lucas Devlin Ken Kelly Michael Bush

Playoff Selection Questions & Answers

First - Congratulations to each official receiving any postseason assignment.  It is an honor to be selected for any assignment and we hope you enjoy the opportunity.

Q: How were these officials selected?
A: First, DFOA members needed to meet the playoff eligibility requirements.  Eligibility requirements can be viewed by clicking here.
Those DFOA officials that were eligible to work playoffs were then submitted by the Area Directors to CFOA for playoff assignment selection.  For example, nearly 70 officials from DFOA were submitted to the CFOA for week 1 assignments.  The Denver area was slotted to fill 49 assignments for playoff games throughout the state.

Q: How does the CFOA determine how many assignments will go to Denver area officials?
A: CFOA looks at the total number of varsity eligible officials from each area throughout the state.  The state is divided up into 16 different areas.  The CFOA then tries to divide up playoff assignments equitably throughout the state based on how many varsity eligible officials each are has.  One thing to keep in mind, as the playoffs approach, not all of these officials meet the playoff eligibility requirements so there could be some fluctuation in number of assignments for each area.

An example of the division of assignments can be seen in week 1 of the 2018 playoffs.  There are 40 playoff games throughout the state including the 6-man, 8-man, 1A, 2A & 5A classifications.  200 officials from across the state were needed to fill those games.  49 officials (or 25%) came from the DFOA.

Q: If I am playoff eligible but did not get an assignment for week 1, does that mean I will not get any playoff assignments in 2018?
A: Not necessarily.  Again, nearly 70 officials from DFOA were eligible to work the playoffs in 2018.  Not everyone could be chosen to work in week 1 based on the number of slots assigned to the Denver area officials.  Some officials that did not work in week 1 will most likely see an assignment in week 2.  Again, the DFOA Area Directors will submit a list of those members eligible to work in the playoffs to the CFOA who will then make playoff assignments.  (This is the process for the earlier rounds.  Those selected to work semi-final and championship games were based on game evaluations done by evaluators chosen by the CFOA & CHSAA throughout the 2018 season.  Note that these evaluations are different than the game evaluations done periodically by DFOA member officials.)

Q: What if I was playoff eligible but did not receive a 2018 postseason assignment?
A: We encourage you to continue to work hard in the off-season and into the 2019 season.  All officials, rookies or long-time veterans, should self-evaluate and look for areas they can improve as an official.  Some suggestions would be:
  • Attend off-season rule study sessions.
  • Attend an off-season CFOA officials camp.
  • Work additional scrimmages to get more snaps in.
  • Work additional sub-varsity games to get more snaps in and aid in covering these games to avoid cancellations.
  • Attend as many area meetings as possible.
Don't settle for the minimum in these areas.  When we have many eligible officials, not everyone will receive an assignment unfortunately.  Appreciate when one is received and always look for ways to keep getting better.

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