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  • 18 Sep 2018 2:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    1. A coaching staff was noted swearing most of the game at their own players. Such behavior needs to be addressed by the school and should be included in the game report.
    2. Coaches were constantly telling the wing how calls were being missed, and that they were going to report the whole thing, including how bad the officials were to CHSAA. Any mention by coaches of reporting officials to CHSAA, etc. is an attempt to intimidate the officials and a violation of 9-8-1b. It should be flagged as a USC. If the speaker cannot be identified, the foul should be charged to the head coach. There is no reason for anyone to tolerate such abuse.
    3. Using the mic to briefly explain unusual situations is a proper use of the mic; it just cannot be overdone and become a talk show. EXAMPLE: Kick catching Interference: #82 caught the ball (punt) while it was in flight and a member of the receiving team was positioned to catch the ball.
    4. We are still having problems with continual criticism from coaches. Continual shouts of holding, etc. are a criticism of the officiating and foster disrespect for the officials. We should not tolerate that. Please use the flag and use it early. It will work and if it doesn’t, eject a violator. We have an established procedure for this.
    5. After a TD, we had dead-ball UNS on #3 visitors followed by #12 home; both players using profanity directed at each other. So, on the try we enforced half distance against defense and then 15yds against offense and completed the try. That is INCORRECT. Per 10-2-5b, those penalties cancel (offset).
    6. There seems to be continuing confusion on FK OOB. The result of the play is where the ball went OOB; that is NEVER a good choice. There are three penalty choices (a) 5 yards back and K re-kicks; (b) R ball at their 35; or (c) R ball 5 yds beyond OOB spot.
    7. A player who made unnecessary contact was charged with USC. That is incorrect, USC fouls are non-contact. Contact fouls are personal fouls. The good news is that this is the first report of this type of error. Last year, we add about one per week.
    8. A parent who was allowed on the field to see his injured son chose to verbally abuse the referee, so the referee flagged the team. There are no provisions in the rules to call a foul on a team for the actions of a spectator. Guidance on dealing with fans is in Chapter 24 of the Mechanics Manual.
    9. DPI was called on a pass that was caught. The penalty was enforced from the end of the play and when the referee was questioned, he replied that it was a new rule that allowed a carry over as on a TD.
    10. Please make sure Referee’s report all significant errors such as down errors, IW’s, etc. It is best for us to know about those before the school makes a complaint.
  • 17 Sep 2018 12:57 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    1. Play was stopped because there was a rabbit was on the field. Records show the rabbit has never caught a pass or made a tackle.
    2. “Crap” is not a good word to use in game reports.
    3. A game went to overtime and the crew had to debate what yard line to start on. Two voted for the 20, one for the 25 (the NCAA rule) and two got it right. Fortunately, the Referee insisted on using the 10 yard line.
    4. Rule 1-5-3b1 requires arm braces must be covered with a 1/2" of foam.
    5. Please do not let a chain crew slow down the pace of play. If the chain crew is not ready when the officials are, the Linesman should simply drop a bean bag to mark the spot.
    6. Bandanas are legal as long as they are not visible.
  • 06 Sep 2018 2:10 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    1. Rule 1-5-1b1 requires a jersey that extends below the waist to be tucked in.  It is implied the same applies to any garment worn under the jersey.  Please just ask the player to tuck it in.  (See Case 3.5.10 Situation I)
    2. A game started at 7:18pm instead of 7:00pm because the coaches decided they needed more time to warm up after the JH game ended at 6:09pm.  Rule 3-6-4 allows starting the game with a 5-yard delay penalty in such situations.  It's just a slap on the wrist, but should deter a repeat performance.
    3. Arm sleeves offer protection against scratches.  Because they are not stated as illegal and are not dangerous or confusing, they are legal.
    4. In a sub-varsity game, a referee did not allow trys during OT and instead of alternating which team goes on defense first, he alternated the end of the field and had teams do offense/defense in the originally chosen order.
    5. Rule 7-2-1 requires all players who participated in the previous play to be between the numbers at some point after the ready.  With a 40-second play clock, the ready is when the ball is spotted.  A team is sending a WR to within a yard of the sideline immediately after a play.  Wing officials must watch for this.
  • 29 Aug 2018 11:18 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We are underway.  Remember the point of emphasis on uniforms and pants covering the knees.  Don't let it slide and make it harder on the next crew that is enforcing it.  We must all be enforcing it at all levels.  On to the different plays from week 1... 

    1. Play: 4/8, K-13. K punts from an illegal formation and R40 returns it for a touchdown, but R22 is flagged for a blindside block at the 50 (correct call).

    Ruling: R may choose to have the fouls offset or they may decline the IF penalty and get the ball 1/10 @ R-35.

    What happened: R’s coach chose to replay the down, but the umpire walked off five yards against K and the down was replayed from the K-8.

    2. A holding foul was called on the last play of 1Q and accepted. However, the period was not extended. The Referee didn’t think of it. The BJ thought so, but U talked him out of it saying only fouls by the defense extend the period. No one asked the wings nor did they intercede.

    3. The BJ threw his flag for a delay foul, but a timeout had been called. That is understandable, but the referee didn’t think to wave off the flag and explain it to the opposing coach (who apparently figured it out).

    4. A team used #20 as a tackle in a swinging gate formation that was not a legal scrimmage kick formation. That resulted in an illegal formation.

    5. A receiver accidently (meaning voluntarily) crosses the sideline (without contact) and is out of bounds when he is clearly interfered with by B96 and the pass falls to the ground.  When the interference occurs, both players are out of bounds.  LJ throws a flag for DPI. 7-5-7 says “Pass interference restrictions apply only beyond the neutral zone.” Inbounds is implied there because “beyond the neutral zone” does not exist OOB. There are no fouls on the play.

    6. The RFP signal for a kickoff is the standard signal. A few referees have been observed using the NFL “C’mon” signal or creating their own.

    7. It didn’t take long for the first down error. Fortunately the impacted team made a first down on the next play. The crew apparently lost track of the down due to fouls by the offense on successive downs. Each team has a statistician and it is advisable to check with either one or both when there is a question.

  • 18 Oct 2017 10:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    (NOTE: There were no week 8 Demetriouisms)

    • An official in another state was suspended for the remainder of the season for posts he made on Facebook. The material he wrote brought into question his ability to officiate in an unbiased manner. He is a multi-sport official with a long record of quality service and was suspended from all sports. Part of the problem was he had clearly identified himself as a HS official. It’s best to keep your officiating life off social media. I do not have further detail.
    • Running into a coach is not a USC foul. It is a PF under 9-4-8. Although the head coach is ejected for the second such foul, those incidents do not count as a USC against the individual who caused the contact.
    • During a field goal attempt the kick was blocked and both teams just gave up before anyone blew the whistle. A player from the kicking team not hearing a whistle decided to pick up the ball and halfway jog and walk to the end zone. The player inadvertently scored a touchdown. A whistle should not be blown when no player immediately tries to recover the ball. Eventually, somebody will figure it out. In the rare case when both teams leave the field, you can consider the play over.
    • The ball was snapped over the punter’s head and the ensuing legal kick went high but not very far. An R player signaled for a fair catch and was tackled after he caught the ball. The foul was correctly called. Although a fair catch cannot be made behind the line, a fair catch signal can be given anywhere on the field. When a signal is given behind the line, the ball is dead when R catches or recovers, the signaler cannot block and the signaler is protected. It is not a fair catch though and the option to free kick does not exist.
  • 03 Oct 2017 10:20 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We had some interesting plays this past week. Some were called correctly; others were not.

    1. A personal foul was called on the defense during the last play of the first half and the period was properly extended. The offense false started before the untimed down so the period was in explicably ended.
    2. On a kickoff, the kicker slipped as he planted to kick the ball and as he was going down he barely hit the ball with his kicking foot causing the ball to go about 2 inches The ball was correctly kept live. If he had missed the ball completely, it would almost certainly have resulted in encroachment.
    3. An offensive lineman lost his helmet while blocking. The player continued blocking and was flagged for illegal participation. A player whose helmet comes completely off may continue to participate in the immediate action in which he is engaged. He cannot move on to something different such as chasing a loose ball or blocking a different player. He is allowed to protect himself. The only case play is 9.6.4H.
    4. An assistant coach ran onto the field and told the BJ, who had just thrown a flag for taunting, that he should be on the next train out of town. The BJ correctly saw that as an unsportsmanlike penalty on the coach, but the referee decided to give a sideline warning since there was no derogatory language or personal insult. What the coach did was clearly a USC on two counts: What he said and where he was standing. Sideline warnings are strictly for non-contact violations of the restricted area.
    5. Team A made the line-to-gain which would have made it first and goal from the B-2. However there was a personal foul on the offense after the play. The crew debated if it should be 1/G or 1/10 from the B-17 . The chains were correctly reset to 1/10. The defensive head coach became very upset but avoided a flag (5-3-1).
    6. We had a very embarrassing incident where a host AD was treated rudely because cars parked along the field had their headlights on. The lights were turned off, but when some lights came back on, the home team was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. A few years ago a float lined up for the homecoming parade was ejected without discussion because the tow vehicle had headlights turned on. Yes, this stuff really happens.
    7. For game length on the report, please put the time in as 3:05 and not 3 hrs 05 min. The computer will read the latter as text meaning zero and we won’t be able to average the results. The format is on the game report.
  • 30 Sep 2017 11:10 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Game Reports:

    Last weekend had an unusual amount of contentious incidents and the game report plays a critical role in those instances. First, the game report needs to come from the referee who is not only the official spokesman for the crew but is legally responsible for administration of the game and per Rule 1-1-6 is the final authority for all decisions pertaining to the game. No one really wants to start rejecting reports from non-referee’s, but that ultimately may have to happen.

    The game report is an official document. In rare cases it can be subpoenaed as evidence. More likely, it may need to be forwarded to a school for possible formal disciplinary action. Consequently, it needs to be professionally written. Please ask your referees to avoid slang, jokes, derogatory comments, flippant remarks and opinions. The report must stick to the facts. Actual quotes should be provided; sugarcoating vulgar language diminishes the impact of what occurred. If something occurred that is questionable or uncertain, that should be identified as such. We all appreciate free speech, so if someone feels the need to express their opinion, they can call you, Scott or myself and feel free to say whatever is on their mind. If appropriate, we expedite a resolution on an off line basis.

    Writing a proper report is not overly complicated. It can be as simple as thinking ahead to the impression the CHSAA Commissioner or school principal who reads the report will have, By now, you should be thoroughly intrigued as to what prompted this note, so here are just a couple of actual examples of what is inappropriate.

    "This turned out to be the game from hell!"


    "So I dumped him."

  • 19 Sep 2017 1:09 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    1. It appears some referees are simply enforcing the penalties that are reported to them without insisting on a fuller explanation. Chapter 13 of the Mechanics Manual has quite a bit of detail on that. Without belaboring the point, false starts and encroachments are simple but for PI and holding, the referee needs to hear what happened. That is especially critical for USC’s.
    2. We’ve had a couple of occasions where the officials have been accosted while leaving the field and the referee did not find out what happened until everyone was in the locker room. That seems to indicate officials are not leaving the field together. Unsporting acts that occur after the game ends should be reported and an ejectable offense should be so stated in the game report.
    3. A player who lifted and pounded an opponent repeatedly into the ground was ejected because it was his second USC. That describes a flagrant PF worthy of immediate ejection regardless of any previous USC fouls.
    4. “Game length” has been added to the report summary. Many referees are including that and it appears to be useful info. If the average game length gets too long, we will propose changes to the clock rule. Also, we are asking for the actual start time, not the scheduled start time.
    5. During the coin toss, no other players are allowed on the field unless its senior night which is usually the last home game of the season. In such case, the seniors must remain at the top of the numbers (9-yard marks).
  • 13 Sep 2017 9:16 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    1. Game reports: We are still not getting them all. Please remind everyone we are looking for issues that need to be fixed (clock, chain crew, lockers, etc.), educational material (unusual plays – called right or wrong) and anything else that other officials might find useful. You should tell them you get a copy of each report from your area. Bud is very diligent on following up with problem areas. Please ask them to avoid irrelevant comments, jokes and minutia such as “AD escorted us to locker room and provided beverage and candy bars.”
    2. The reports indicate Back Judges are taking too long on kickoffs- too much talking to kicker. The game drags when we spend unnecessary time doing stuff that does not matter. After the first kick, BJ just needs to count players, hand the ball to the kicker, remind him to wait for the whistle and get to the sideline.
    3. We have emphasized the difference between PF’s and USC’s. some prefer the NCAA rule, but that is not our choice to make. Multiple cheap shots (non-football acts) are flagrant and grounds for DQ; very supportable.
  • 05 Sep 2017 11:42 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Here are a few lessons learned from the first full week of the season. On a couple of issues, it seems like we have picked up where we left off last year. We probably have made some progress, but we still have a few officials to reach.

    1. The definition is very clear that fighting is an engagement in a combative manner unrelated to football. While it is possible to have a fight while the ball is live, that is the exception. Blocking is a football act, so when players start flailing during a block, it is more likely to be a personal foul for hands to the face or unnecessary roughness than fighting. Also keep in mind the guy on the bottom of the pile is entitled to protect himself so what may look like kicking or punching is probably an effort to remove an assailant from the same geographical location.
    2. Our other carry over issue is we still have PF’s being called USC’s. The Referee has a responsibility to make sure fouls are properly labeled. Here is one quote from an inquiry to a referee regarding his report: “I was at least 50 yards away, and when I got there it was just reported unsportsmanlike with numbers Home 33, Visitor 88.
    3. When a player is sent off because his helmet came off, the clock must be stopped and the coach informed so he can send in a sub. A team ran a play with 10 on defense because the coaching staff did not know the player was sent out.
    4. When there is a bench clearing brawl (yes, we’ve already had one), the priority is to identify the main perpetrators. If you can note subs coming onto the field, that’s fine, but do not worry about it.
    5. IAW of the week: Fake up the middle and then hand off and run to the left. LJ thought the first guy had the ball and did not notice the guy with the ball coming in front of him. DON’T BLOW THE WHISTLE UNLESS YOU CAN SEE THE BALL.
    6. A try was replayed after two forward passes were thrown. The referee forgot about the loss of down and didn’t listen to his crewmates. He did remember that was on this year’s test

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