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Week 3 - 2017

13 Sep 2017 9:16 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
  1. Game reports: We are still not getting them all. Please remind everyone we are looking for issues that need to be fixed (clock, chain crew, lockers, etc.), educational material (unusual plays – called right or wrong) and anything else that other officials might find useful. You should tell them you get a copy of each report from your area. Bud is very diligent on following up with problem areas. Please ask them to avoid irrelevant comments, jokes and minutia such as “AD escorted us to locker room and provided beverage and candy bars.”
  2. The reports indicate Back Judges are taking too long on kickoffs- too much talking to kicker. The game drags when we spend unnecessary time doing stuff that does not matter. After the first kick, BJ just needs to count players, hand the ball to the kicker, remind him to wait for the whistle and get to the sideline.
  3. We have emphasized the difference between PF’s and USC’s. some prefer the NCAA rule, but that is not our choice to make. Multiple cheap shots (non-football acts) are flagrant and grounds for DQ; very supportable.
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