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Week 8 - 2017

18 Oct 2017 10:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

(NOTE: There were no week 8 Demetriouisms)

  • An official in another state was suspended for the remainder of the season for posts he made on Facebook. The material he wrote brought into question his ability to officiate in an unbiased manner. He is a multi-sport official with a long record of quality service and was suspended from all sports. Part of the problem was he had clearly identified himself as a HS official. It’s best to keep your officiating life off social media. I do not have further detail.
  • Running into a coach is not a USC foul. It is a PF under 9-4-8. Although the head coach is ejected for the second such foul, those incidents do not count as a USC against the individual who caused the contact.
  • During a field goal attempt the kick was blocked and both teams just gave up before anyone blew the whistle. A player from the kicking team not hearing a whistle decided to pick up the ball and halfway jog and walk to the end zone. The player inadvertently scored a touchdown. A whistle should not be blown when no player immediately tries to recover the ball. Eventually, somebody will figure it out. In the rare case when both teams leave the field, you can consider the play over.
  • The ball was snapped over the punter’s head and the ensuing legal kick went high but not very far. An R player signaled for a fair catch and was tackled after he caught the ball. The foul was correctly called. Although a fair catch cannot be made behind the line, a fair catch signal can be given anywhere on the field. When a signal is given behind the line, the ball is dead when R catches or recovers, the signaler cannot block and the signaler is protected. It is not a fair catch though and the option to free kick does not exist.
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