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Week Four - 2018

18 Sep 2018 2:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
  1. A coaching staff was noted swearing most of the game at their own players. Such behavior needs to be addressed by the school and should be included in the game report.
  2. Coaches were constantly telling the wing how calls were being missed, and that they were going to report the whole thing, including how bad the officials were to CHSAA. Any mention by coaches of reporting officials to CHSAA, etc. is an attempt to intimidate the officials and a violation of 9-8-1b. It should be flagged as a USC. If the speaker cannot be identified, the foul should be charged to the head coach. There is no reason for anyone to tolerate such abuse.
  3. Using the mic to briefly explain unusual situations is a proper use of the mic; it just cannot be overdone and become a talk show. EXAMPLE: Kick catching Interference: #82 caught the ball (punt) while it was in flight and a member of the receiving team was positioned to catch the ball.
  4. We are still having problems with continual criticism from coaches. Continual shouts of holding, etc. are a criticism of the officiating and foster disrespect for the officials. We should not tolerate that. Please use the flag and use it early. It will work and if it doesn’t, eject a violator. We have an established procedure for this.
  5. After a TD, we had dead-ball UNS on #3 visitors followed by #12 home; both players using profanity directed at each other. So, on the try we enforced half distance against defense and then 15yds against offense and completed the try. That is INCORRECT. Per 10-2-5b, those penalties cancel (offset).
  6. There seems to be continuing confusion on FK OOB. The result of the play is where the ball went OOB; that is NEVER a good choice. There are three penalty choices (a) 5 yards back and K re-kicks; (b) R ball at their 35; or (c) R ball 5 yds beyond OOB spot.
  7. A player who made unnecessary contact was charged with USC. That is incorrect, USC fouls are non-contact. Contact fouls are personal fouls. The good news is that this is the first report of this type of error. Last year, we add about one per week.
  8. A parent who was allowed on the field to see his injured son chose to verbally abuse the referee, so the referee flagged the team. There are no provisions in the rules to call a foul on a team for the actions of a spectator. Guidance on dealing with fans is in Chapter 24 of the Mechanics Manual.
  9. DPI was called on a pass that was caught. The penalty was enforced from the end of the play and when the referee was questioned, he replied that it was a new rule that allowed a carry over as on a TD.
  10. Please make sure Referee’s report all significant errors such as down errors, IW’s, etc. It is best for us to know about those before the school makes a complaint.
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