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Week Five - 2018

28 Sep 2018 2:14 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
  1. Here are some creative rules inflicted by the uninformed.
    1. In order to take a knee in the victory formation, the QB must take a hand-to-hand snap; the shotgun is not allowed. TRUTH: This is obviously confusion with the rule on spiking the ball.
    2. Under the new rule, roughing the kicker is enforced from the end of the play. TRUTH: The “new rule” only applies to fouls by Team K. RTK is committed by Team R and entitles Team K to a first down. Doing what that crew did would make RTK a PSK foul and R would undeservedly keep the ball.
  2. At a sub varsity game, an irate spectator gave the officials a tongue-lashing on a correct no-call for a horse collar tackle. The defender did grab the runner’s collar but then wrapped him up without the knees buckling. The heckling is pretty standard fare at sub varsity games, but the referee chose to distinguish himself by yelling back “Go learn the rules.” Dealing with fans is addressed in Chapter 24 of the Mechanics Manual.
  3. For onside kicks that don’t go very far and stop obviously short of 10 yards, it is best to blow the whistle promptly if no player attempts to recover the ball. If K touches it, it will be first touching and thus R’s ball. If no one touches it, it will also be R’s ball (6-1-6).
  4. On a punt, the ball hits the ground where it rolls around untouched and no player attempts to gain possession.  As the ball is about to come to rest on the R40, K2 puts his hand on top of the ball and then trots away leaving the ball there. Immediately thereafter, R2 picks up the ball and advances.  The covering official then blows the play dead. The play was over when K touched the static ball (4-2-2f). However, the Referee was convinced by an official that the mere placing of one’s hand on the ball didn’t qualify as downing the ball, so the whistle was declared inadvertent and the down replayed.
  5. An asst coach was on the field while the ball was live and was properly flagged for a USC foul under 9-8-1i. We’ve had several cases where that infraction was improperly considered a sideline warning. The excellent call was marred by the Referee improperly charging the head coach with the foul (only 9-8-1g and h fouls are charged to the head coach). Fortunately, no ejection resulted.
  6. A reminder that tinted visors are illegal even with a doctor’s note. The schools should all know that, but at least one tried it this past weekend. Tinted goggles or glasses under a clear visor are permissible.
  7. This past week seems to have had more than the usual problems with chain crews. Almost all chain crews are volunteers so the reality is the crew will not be available until just before the game. The Linesman needs to be prepared for that. We are entitled to a crew of competent adults who do not cheer or criticize the officials. Do not hesitate to relieve anyone who doesn’t cooperate. If that holds up the game, so be it. You only have to do that once to send a poignant message. The only thing we haven’t had is a flag on the chain crew.
  8. A crew replayed a down with a 47-yard gain because each team committed a USC foul after the play (the ball was thrown at a taunter). That is not a rule at any level.
  9. There seems to be an increase in coaches constantly yapping about holding, etc. It also appears the modus operandi is to tolerate it on the field and complain in the report. A review of the Montel rule seems appropriate.

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