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Week Six - 2018

02 Oct 2018 2:47 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
  1. Shoulder Pads and Bicep Pads: Rule 1-5-1d3 requires shoulder pads and hard surface auxiliary attachments to be fully covered by a jersey. Rule 1-5-3b1 prohibits hard and unyielding items (guards, casts, braces, etc.) on the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, or upper arm unless padded with a closed-cell, slow-recovery foam padding no less than ½" thick. Bicep pads are manufactured and sold separately from shoulder pads and are typically worn underneath the shoulder pad but extend beyond the shoulder pad with a soft exposure. Rule 1-5-1d3 does not require bicep pads to be covered by the jersey because they are neither part of the shoulder pad nor do they have a hard surface exposed. Shoulder pads, especially the hard plastic flap must be covered by the jersey. Jersey sleeves will frequently ride up but can be easily pulled down. Any other hard item on the arm must be padded.
  2. We’ve received some questions about punches being thrown during blocking action or by runners trying to stiff arm tacklers. Despite a literal reading of the Rules Book, a “punch” isn’t necessarily fighting. There are many football acts which would be a punch-like action and meet Webster’s definition of a punch, but they are not fighting. At worst, they are an excessive football act. While the ball is live, it is highly unlikely for fighting to occur, especially by a runner. Now if there is a boxing match 30 yards behind the runner, it’s a different story.
  3. A kicker can false start or be illegally in motion forward if he starts his kicking motion before the ball is snapped.
  4. Substitution reminder: A replaced player has three seconds to begin to leave. Breaking the huddle with 12 per se is not a foul, but if all 12 get into the offensive formation, the 12th player has not departed quickly enough.
  5. We had a game where a player on each team was ejected for throwing punches during a bench clearing scuffle. Unfortunately, one of the players was misidentified. The crew discussion at half time first surfaced the possible error. A video review was inconclusive but left open the possibility of an error. The school interviewed team members and determined the real culprit which was not the ejected player who will be allowed to play the next game while the culprit sits out.
  6. Please proofread- here is an actual quote from a game report this past week: “We had issues with the X coaches having to many in the officials are early in the game.” We also had a “well-plaid” game among other things

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