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Week Seven - 2018

09 Oct 2018 10:34 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
1. A timeout takes effect when it is granted, not when it is requested. A 1-2 sec lag between the start of the official’s signal and the actual stopping is normal and acceptable. Near the end of a half, it is acceptable to reset the clock to the time of granting i.e., eliminate the lag. That is not documented clearly anywhere, but is the accepted practice.

2. Thus far we have had five coach ejections, none at the varsity level. There have been 58 player ejections with 44 at the varsity level. At this time last year, the numbers were six and 51.

3. There seems to be an increase in hurdling calls and the mention of a missed hurdling call is virtually non-existent.  It appears the Area Directors have done a good job making this a point of emphasis. It is also possible the number of hurdling attempts is increasing, so I think we should work on coach education to make sure they understand hurdling is a foul and why it is so dangerous. Please emphasize it at the sub varsity level and perhaps mention it in the pre-game with coach. There was mention this past week of a near record hurdle and we are requesting the video. Thankfully, no one was hurt. It is a very dangerous act.
Click here - Danger of Hurdling Example.wmv

4. We had a game with an exceptionally windy day and the Referee’s hat wouldn’t stay on. I’m sure it happens more than we hear about. The Referee chose to wear his hat backward. The pic is below and I’ll let you judge for yourself how it looks. It is best to just remove the hat which can be tucked into the belt in the back. A few years ago the wind was so strong all officials kept losing their hats keeping the ball boys very busy. The crew chose to not wear hats for the second half. A clava or hood without a hat is acceptable under very windy conditions.

5. There appears to be an increase in the number of headbands and bandanas hanging out of backs of helmets. This is potentially dangerous if someone grabs it and uses it to tackle. Please emphasize.

6. A team huddled with 11 players and lined up with trips. All three players then proceeded to run toward the sideline; two left the field and one remained inside the sideline. That is illegal participation. Although there was no substitution per se, it was a feigned substitution intended to deceive (9-6-4d).

7. There was a game with an abbreviated pregame discussion with the coach in which the coin toss procedure was not discussed. The team came onto the field in sufficient time to start the game, but the captains stayed in the “pump-up” session instead of lining up for the coin toss. Although the referee realized he didn’t tell the coach what was expected for the coin toss, he assessed a delay penalty to start the game.

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