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Handling Coaches

The following are the notes taken during the presentation by Rick Rouse, Rich Czernicki, Damian Ederhoff, Mike Letofsky and Rick Cole on Oct 19, 2010

Rick R

-          Coaches do not have an expressed or implied right to scream at officials. They do have the right to question, but not scream and berate nor otherwise personalize their attacks. We must deal with those situations.

-          Make eye contact with the coach

-          Let them talk without interruption

-          Show them respect

-          Remain calm

-          It is okay to admit there may have been a mistake and you will try to get it right next time

Damian E

-          Be consistent; yourself, your crew and the association

-          Introduce yourself to both coaches before the game

-          Tell the coach what your expectations are on how the teams should perform on the sidelines

-          Have a strategy on how to clean up the sidelines and line of scrimmage to prevent penalties.  Do it early and do not wait until the second half

-          Communicate to your team on penalties, even if on the other team

-          No matter what happens, try to stay calm.  Get coach back to the sideline before you talk with him and don’t get aggressive.

-          Answer questions but don’t have a conversation

-          Never talk to fans.  If a problem, get the coach to handle it.

-          Look for ways not to throw flags during a live ball.

Mike L

-          An official should never be bigger than the game

-          Remind the head coach that he is the only one you will respond to

-          Without coaching, talk players out of doing something wrong

-          Don’t be defensive when asked a question

-          “Be there when needed, otherwise get out of the way”  Don’t be noticed.  “Don’t pick scabs”

Rich C

-          For Ejections, stop at the numbers and have coach come out to get away from the rest of the team

-          Get administration to deal with fans, do not have contact fans

Rick C

-          Pregame with the coaches is critical to set the relationship

-          Be yourself

-          Talk to home team first to show respect as the host

-          Give equal time to both coaches

-          Call them by their first name in the pregame but during the game, call them “Coach”

-          If there is a situation that may become a problem, talk to the coach to get him to handle it


-          When should you take another official with you to talk to a coach

-          You should always have a wing with you to listen what is being said.  Unless asked by the referee, only the Referee should be talking


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