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Congrats to the 5A and A-6 State Championship crews...both crews did a great job on and off the field...thanks!

Working the 5A game between Mullen and Regis was  R-Jim Schoepflin, U-Bob Chappel, H-Tim Fitzgerald, L-Troy Carmann, and B-SteveMcFall.  With decent weather and a great crowd of over 15,000 which set the CHSAA record for games at Invesco, the crew work hard throughout the game which was won by Mullen 37-6

A-6 Idalia @ Fleming...the crew of Rob Jones, Roger Chaddick, Mike Eaton, Scott Amerman and Tim Kail work the high scoring70-36 game in favor of Idalia, in a howling wind that brought temperatures below freezing, but in a very intimate setting, this crew put on their running shoes and made the 6-man transition appear seemless.  We are proud of the great job they all did in representing DFOA...THANKS!!

2010 State Playoff Assignments:

  Date Home Away Stadium Time
Referee Umpire Head Lines Line Judge Back Judge
5A 4-Dec-10 Mullen - 1 Regis-2 Invesco 2:30 PM
Schoepflin Chappel Fitzgerald Carmann McFall
5A 28-Nov-10 Mullen - 1 Grandview-21 Legacy 1:00 PM
Cole McKenzie Sterns Thompson Bradvica
5A 28-Nov-10 Cherokee Trail-6 Regis-2 Regis  1:00 PM
Gillman Bader Luxner Thomason Czernicki
4A 28-Nov-10 Wheatridge-3 Dakota Ridge-7 Jeffco  1:00 PM
Schoepflin Chappel Fitzgerald Carmann McFall
5A 19-Nov-10 Mullen - 1 Chaparral - 8 Mullen - 0 7:00 PM
Klein Bader Thomason Bomgaars Richards
5A 19-Nov-10 Rangeview Grandview Rangeview - 0  6:00 PM
Czernicki Russell Luxner Thompson Lamantia
5A 19-Nov-10 Cherokee Trail Ralston Valley Legacy - 0 7:00 PM
Kramer Sauke Dwinell Weikle Glass
4A 19-Nov-10 Wheatridge Ponderosa Jeffco - 0 7:00 PM
Cole Matt Ederhoff Bollers Leeper
A-8 20-Nov-10 Caliche Norwood Caliche - 138 1:00 PM
Kelley Chavez Blogdett Sweet Juranek
A-8 20-Nov-10 Merino Hoehne Merino - 112 1:00 PM
Keller Alderidge Lawrence Andrews Bradvica
A-6 20-Nov-10 Fleming Idalia Fleming - 144 1:00 PM
Jones Chaddick Eaton Amerman Kail
WEEK 2 Referee Umpire Head Lines Line Judge Back Judge
5A 12-Nov-10 Cherry Creek - 17 Mullen - 1 Stutler Bowl 7:00 PM
Kramer Kramer Matt Rivera Whitty Burrow
5A 12-Nov-10 Grandview - 21 Colombine - 5 Legacy Stadium 7:00 PM
Rouse Rouse Marini Weikel Andrews McFall
5A 12-Nov-10 Regis - 2 Arapahoe - 15 Regis 7:00 PM
Cole Cole Chavez Stearns Bomgaars Bradvica
5A 11-Nov-10 Thunderridge - 22 Cherokee Trail - 6 Shea 7:00 PM
Klein Klein Bader Luxner Zamudio Lamantia
4A 12-Nov-10 Falcon - 8 Loveland - 9 Falcon 7:00 PM
Schoepflin Schoepflin Hall Dwinell Acheson Leeper
3A 13-Nov-10 Frederick - 8 Roosevelt - 9 Frederick 1:00 PM
Crockett Bollers Russell Whitehill Richards Schamber
3A 13-Nov-10 Mountain View - 3 Windsor - 14 Loveland 1:00 PM
Reichert Keller Antill, Don Reichert Carmann Glass
3A 13-Nov-10 Canon City - 6 Erie - 11 Canon City 1:00 PM
Pool Gilman Chappel Smith P. Thompson Kail
2A 13-Nov-10 Co Sprngs Christian - 6 Bayfield - 11 Co Sprngs Christian 1:00 PM
Pool Graham Letofsky, Mike Eaton Obrien Shald
1A 13-Nov-10 Lyons - 7 Hotchkiss - 2 Lyons 1:00 PM
Pool Bowman Chaddick Amerman Weber Ashbacher
A8 13-Nov-10 Elbert - 9 Caliche - 1 Elbert 1:00 PM
Pool Conklin McKenzie Janicki Lawrence Mills
5A 4-Nov-10 Bear Creek - 14 Gateway - 19 Jeffco 7:30 PM
Bowman Bowman Chappel Rivera Beltran T. Antill
5A 5-Nov-10 Cherokee Trail - 6 Legacy - 27 Legacy 7:00 PM
Pool Czernicki Matt J. Giardina Whitehill Shald
5A 5-Nov-10 Denver East - 16 Cherry Creek - 17 ACF 7:00 PM
Giardina Conklin Vollendorf Amerman Eaton Ogletree
5A 5-Nov-10 Rangeview - 4 Boulder - 29 APSS 6:00 PM
Graham Graham Chaddick Zehner Sweet Bonicelli
5A 5-Nov-10 Pomona - 12 Grandview - 21 NAAC 4:00 PM
Pool McKenzie McClallen Altman Lewis Bollers
5A 5-Nov-10 Highlands Ranch - 7 Fairview - 26 Shea 7:00 PM
Gilman Gilman Sterns Schamber Archuleta Ashbacher
5A 6-Nov-10 Arapahoe - 15 Denver South - 18 LPSS 1:00 PM
Oconnor Oconnor Propeck Kornmann Williams Juranek
1A 6-Nov-10 Wray - 1 Rocky Ford - 16 Wray 1:00 PM
Fitzgerald Sauke M. Letofsky Low Doerr Fitzgerald
1A 6-Nov-10 Rye - 5 Paonia - 12 Rye 1:00 PM
Kelley Kelley Schuster Reh Paolucci Mills
1A 6-Nov-10 Lyons - 7 Akron - 10 Lyons 1:00 PM
Keller Blodgett Alderidge Smithwick Janicki Kail
A8 6-Nov-10 Caliche - 1 Kiowa - 16 Caliche 1:00 PM
Pool Bravdica Wilkerson Samaniego Foster Whitty
A6 6-Nov-10 Idalia Cotopaxi Idalia 1:00 PM
Brouwer Jones Smith Brouwer  Albi Thompson
A8 29-Oct-10 Simla Kiowa Kiowa 7:00 PM
Pool Richards Cress Lewis McClellan Sald

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